A primary concern of the IJF is that all policies and procedures, at all levels, provide an environment in which to enjoy judo safely.

As a community we understand that both statistically and practically, older members of our community are more likely than their younger counterparts to suffer injury or illness while training and or competing. It is our responsibility therefore, as an international federation, to prioritise our duty of care.

In order to participate in world championships for veterans it is mandatory to provide a medical certificate. This is to safeguard each athlete, their opponents and the organisers, offering some peace of mind, accepting that the wellbeing of our judoka has been placed above all else.

We have a wonderful family of dedicated veterans throughout our network of national federations and we wish to celebrate their competitive success for as long as they wish to compete. This must always be done with safety at the forefront of all planning.

We look forward to seeing you next in Krakow, Poland.

Jita Kyoei