Almost two months after the first European Cup for veterans, held in Riga, veteran judoka will compete again in Warsaw, Poland, on Saturday 20th April. The event will be followed by a training camp on Sunday.

The training camp is not the only novelty in the Veterans European Cup tour, as there will also be prize money for a national team made up of at least 20 athletes who win the general classification.

The organisers of the event said, “We believe that the training camp will integrate the world of veteran judo and bring additional value to the Veterans European Cup. Also the prize money will help to build strong and numerous national teams.”

Veteran judo competitions are a great example of the legacy of Jigoro Kano. Friendship, respect, passion and lots of joy, this is what veterans always bring with them to the tournaments.

Warsaw will welcome them and offer them the possibility to discover many historical places and tourist attractions of the city, including the beautiful old town, fantastic museums and great food. “We believe that the Warsaw experience will certainly bring us a lot of great memories,” concluded Stanislaw Pazgan from the organising committee.

For more information, please contact the organising committee: [email protected]